The Brand


CINTURINO is the Italian word for a watch strap , it’s a brand of wrist-wear for the everyday travelers around the world, connecting places through time and space. Cinturino is about making the life and style blend together by offering an alternative



Someone on the constant move who seeks an affordable wristwatch without breaking his savings .

Those who wear Cinturino are those who enjoy all types of outdoors – from the wild jungles abroad to the urban jungles at home. Cinturino products are for those who live an active lifestyle, who search for adventure in their everyday lives. Cinturino wearers are stylish, but prefer a bit of function with their outfit.



The CINTURINO brand was created by the CEF Group and their goal is to offer an Alternative product that assist and enhance the lives of those who put them on – blending the perfect balance of style, simplicity and function.